Denver Colorado, April 7, 2022: Pronto Media Group is excited to announce that it has been selected as a finalist for Colorado Companies To Watch 2022

Pronto Media Group recently announced the launch of its innovative automated video content platform. Pronto’s automated video content platform enables users to create professional-quality videos quickly, effortlessly, and cost-effectively. 

What it means to Pronto Media Group

“We are thrilled to be a finalist for the Colorado Companies to Watch Award,” said Ash Shehryar, Pronto Media Group’s Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer. “The purpose of the Colorado Companies to Watch organization is to empower 2nd stage companies which fuel the economic fire of Colorado. Colorado is at the forefront of innovation and is experiencing such high growth in 2022, we are honored and find ourselves in excellent company among the finalists” 

The Charter of Colorado Companies to Watch

To deliver on that purpose, Colorado Companies to Watch will:

  • Continue CCTW’s growth as an organization with a vibrant, self sustaining community. A place where winners stay winners and continue to thrive in Colorado
  • Continue to drive recognition as a key part of our cause
  • Become a conduit to great content. Whether through partnerships, generating content ourselves, or leveraging our alumni and sponsors to build/provide
  • Build out our statewide presence, influence, and brand
  • Ensure that we are a year-long community. Providing continuous value to our alumni, corporate partners, community partners, volunteers, and others

To view the list of finalist companies, visit:

Winners will be announced on June 17, 2022.

About Pronto Media Group

Based in Denver, Pronto Media Group’s innovative automated video content platform was created to help organizations grow their social media audiences and customer base with highly-engaging video content. Pronto Media Group helps organizations create unique, quality videos fast and cost-effectively.


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Media Contact:

Kristen Ranta Haikal Wilson

Advisor & Fractional CMO


Announces Advisory Board to Help Grow the Automated Video Content Platform Business

Denver Colorado, October 1, 2021: Pronto Media Group (Pronto), the platform leader in automated video content, today announced an Advisory Board to provide strategic guidance and support the company’s growth into new markets, deepening Pronto’s role as the leader in automation video creation.

The Pronto Advisory Board will provide strategic guidance to the Pronto Media Group’s founders, Will Feldman and Shehryar Akhtar, as they scale the product and company. The advisors will strengthen Pronto’s relationships with customers across multiple industries to drive growth and regional expansion.


Pronto Advisory Board Members:


    • Steve Foster,
      COO Engage. Co-Founder of Convercent. President/CEO Colorado Technology Association


    • Lisa Miller,
      President, Spearhead Advisors. Former President, CenturyLink. Senior Vice President, Level 3 Communications.


    • Greg Greenwood,
      CEO/Co-Founder, SpiralMethod. Chief Executive Officer, Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Colorado.


    • Jeff Green,
      Senior Vice President, Valtech. Chief Revenue Officer, Wunderman Thompson. Chief Revenue Officer, Pierry.


    • Kimberly Simms,
      Chief Customer Officer, Planful. Senior Vice President, HireVue. Vice President, Anaplan.


    • Kristen Ranta Haikal Wilson,
      Fractional CMO, Authentic Brand. Co-Founder/CMO/Product Management, Enzoic. Marketing Executive, CA Technologies.




    • Rana Mumtaz,
      Product leader at Spin, GoDaddy, AOL, Ask,com


The Pronto Advisory Board brings together accomplished business leaders from diverse roles and industries to offer proven leadership, expertise, and a unique understanding of the transformational potential of automated video content. They will provide strategic guidance and help increase business value to our customers globally.

Every organization is grappling with the rise of digital video content and the scalability of video content production for video-first social media platforms. Video content drives more engagement than any other medium, but creating quality content can be cost-prohibitive and technically challenging.

“Variety and speed of video production is vital to drive ROI with your social media and digital advertising spending,” said Sherry Akhtar, Co-Founder, Pronto Media Group. “Our Advisors recognize this need within their own businesses and have enthusiastically joined the Pronto Advisory Board because they recognize the business value of our innovative automated video content platform.”


Pronto enables users to create professional-quality videos quickly, effortlessly, and cost-effectively. Organizations of all sizes can grow their social media audiences with high-quality videos for a fraction of the cost of full-scale video production.

Pronto makes online engagement very manageable because you can create a professional-quality video in less than a minute. You don’t need any special skills or video-editing experience to build your videos; you simply need an account and a computer. Videos that used to take specialized skills to produce can now be created easily by anyone, and the cost starts at just $199 per month for four videos. Whether you are a small business, marketing agency, a franchise, or a large business, there are many affordable packages and pricing options to accommodate your business needs.

About Pronto Media Group

Pronto’s innovative automated video content platform was created to help organizations grow their social media audiences and customer base with highly-engaging video content. Pronto enables organizations to create unique, quality videos fast and cost-effectively.

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