The secret’s out: everyone loves video. From search engines that prioritize links to YouTube videos, to algorithms that rank your website higher if you have video embedded in the landing pages, video is the reigning queen of digital content. The same goes for most social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.  There are various reasons why you should start automating your video content.

However, knowing that video is desirable doesn’t mean every business has the resources to invest in high-quality production and editing. In fact, many brands still think that video has to be a costly and time-consuming process, draining precious resources away from other marketing initiatives. These considerations are particularly salient in the current climate: there’s a high demand for video, along with staff shortages and tight budgets.

The great news is that automating your video content can solve several issues at once. Automating the creation, captioning, scheduling, and posting processes can help companies save time and money, and build brand-consistent messaging.


Three Big Reasons Why You Should Start Automating Your Video Content… Right Now


1. Save Time

When it comes to video automation, hours of filming and the days of editing are a thing of the past. Video is the perfect candidate for automation: there are many elements that can be re-used and recycled cross-platform and cross-video, and creating short form content (like 15- and 30- second videos for social media) can and should be a very straightforward process!

Automating your video content creation could mean that you go from spending days on a single project, to a high quality finished product in under one minute. Choosing templates, audio, and clips based on keywords you set with Pronto can save your team time in every step.

It doesn’t stop there, though: once you have a completed video, you can also save time by batch-producing more, saving your favorite templates, and scheduling additional automated videos to post automatically to your linked social media platforms. These automated steps are the future of digital marketing. If your team is spending hours creating daily content, it’s time to rethink how you are spending precious time.


2. Save Money

Over the last decades, the cost of video has come down dramatically, but high-quality content still seems to come with a high price tag. The costs of renting a production studio, hiring a contractor who has the right filming equipment, perhaps hiring someone else to edit hours of footage down to a single minute… it adds up.

But gone are the days of a single video project running your business upwards of five, ten, twenty thousand dollars. When you automate the video creation process, you save money immediately: Pronto will learn from you about what features you want, what styles you prefer, and then report back to you about what content did well.

With built-in, easily customizable features like text-to-speech, voiceovers, and transitions, you’ll save money on each part of the video creation process.


3. Stay Consistent

While videos that go viral are seen as the pinnacle of digital achievement, real success is to be found in consistent, valuable content. When you regularly produce high quality video, your staff and your customers implicitly understand you are a reliable company with high value. Automating your video content makes it incredibly simple to have a unified style in your material, in everything from the genres of background music, to the font styles you choose. You can tweak many aspects of your videos, without straying from what you know to be effective.

Consistency is a crucial part of rolling out completed content, too: algorithms favor accounts and sites that regularly post content (especially video!). With Pronto, you can schedule your videos to post at any time of day or night, weeks ahead of time. After you’ve posted, our analytics will help you find the most effective posting times for your brand for each platform you’re posting to.

As digital marketing becomes more and more data driven, it’s crucial to find and embrace tools that make both production and analytics more efficient. Automated video can set your business apart!

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Lurking in every conversation between digital marketers and content managers are the questions about how to create high quality video content… quickly. How To Master Social Media Platforms With Video Automation

Gone are the days where high quality video could immediately set a company apart. Now, video is ubiquitous across social media, advertisements, and even in customer relations. It’s a necessary part of any strong digital marketing plan. So, the questions arise: how can your company create professional, brand-consistent videos, without breaking the bank?

Content marketers who entered their field before video marketing was so popular and accessible are also often left with the question of how to engage with video content without spending hours and hours of their time learning how to film and edit. Especially when most social media platforms have slightly different requirements!

Fortunately for everyone in the marketing world, no matter the size of your enterprise or the particular expertise of your marketing team (whether that’s just you, or a team of twenty!), there is a solution just around the corner.

Some content management platforms (that link their platform with social media accounts) can be a helpful first step on the journey. But, the real time- and money-consuming parts of content creation happen before the posts get scheduled. The writing, filming, and editing processes are where social media content creators could really use some help.

Automation is a way to cut the time commitment of video creation down to mere minutes. With Pronto, you can choose from many high-definition, brand-consistent clips, based on both industry-specific keywords and broad terms for styles and themes. In just a few clicks, you can add text and voice-overs, dates and details—and if you’re seeing clips you don’t like, everything can be tailored and edited at any time. All of this happens in just a few minutes!

Besides the massive savings in budget and time when making one video, the special thing about Pronto is that you can schedule future videos to be created and posted automatically. Pronto’s AI-based technology allows the system to learn from you, so that it’s even easier to stay consistent.

When it comes to social media, gathering data about your highest-performing posts will help you respond quickly to tweaks you want to make, or deals you want to extend. Pronto takes all these components of video creation and puts them into one easy-to-use platform.

Never before has the phrase ‘set it and forget it’ been applied to video creation—but it’s finally here. Pronto makes it simple to:

1. Schedule an automated video once and reap long term, continuing benefits;


2. Get bigger, better results with less effort, and in less time;


3. Establish consistent , high-quality communication with your clients and followers.


These three benefits to automated video creation for social media can transform how much time and budget you have for content creation. As Instagram prioritizes Reels , TikTok continues to boom, and YouTube Ads increase in frequency, it’s becoming standard cross-industry to keep up with the video content.

With Pronto, you can explore all your options: schedule a video for the day you know you get the least customers, to give your online visibility a boost. Or, run a couple videos each week on all your platforms, and see which gets the highest engagement, or CTR. You can even try different fonts, styles, and voices to see which combinations perform well, and track all these changes with Pronto’s analytics. It’s truly a shortcut to optimization.

Thank you for reading our input on how to master social media platforms with video automation.

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Announces Advisory Board to Help Grow the Automated Video Content Platform Business

Denver Colorado, October 1, 2021: Pronto Media Group (Pronto), the platform leader in automated video content, today announced an Advisory Board to provide strategic guidance and support the company’s growth into new markets, deepening Pronto’s role as the leader in automation video creation.

The Pronto Advisory Board will provide strategic guidance to the Pronto Media Group’s founders, Will Feldman and Shehryar Akhtar, as they scale the product and company. The advisors will strengthen Pronto’s relationships with customers across multiple industries to drive growth and regional expansion.


Pronto Advisory Board Members:


    • Steve Foster,
      COO Engage. Co-Founder of Convercent. President/CEO Colorado Technology Association


    • Lisa Miller,
      President, Spearhead Advisors. Former President, CenturyLink. Senior Vice President, Level 3 Communications.


    • Greg Greenwood,
      CEO/Co-Founder, SpiralMethod. Chief Executive Officer, Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Colorado.


    • Jeff Green,
      Senior Vice President, Valtech. Chief Revenue Officer, Wunderman Thompson. Chief Revenue Officer, Pierry.


    • Kimberly Simms,
      Chief Customer Officer, Planful. Senior Vice President, HireVue. Vice President, Anaplan.


    • Kristen Ranta Haikal Wilson,
      Fractional CMO, Authentic Brand. Co-Founder/CMO/Product Management, Enzoic. Marketing Executive, CA Technologies.




    • Rana Mumtaz,
      Product leader at Spin, GoDaddy, AOL, Ask,com


The Pronto Advisory Board brings together accomplished business leaders from diverse roles and industries to offer proven leadership, expertise, and a unique understanding of the transformational potential of automated video content. They will provide strategic guidance and help increase business value to our customers globally.

Every organization is grappling with the rise of digital video content and the scalability of video content production for video-first social media platforms. Video content drives more engagement than any other medium, but creating quality content can be cost-prohibitive and technically challenging.

“Variety and speed of video production is vital to drive ROI with your social media and digital advertising spending,” said Sherry Akhtar, Co-Founder, Pronto Media Group. “Our Advisors recognize this need within their own businesses and have enthusiastically joined the Pronto Advisory Board because they recognize the business value of our innovative automated video content platform.”


Pronto enables users to create professional-quality videos quickly, effortlessly, and cost-effectively. Organizations of all sizes can grow their social media audiences with high-quality videos for a fraction of the cost of full-scale video production.

Pronto makes online engagement very manageable because you can create a professional-quality video in less than a minute. You don’t need any special skills or video-editing experience to build your videos; you simply need an account and a computer. Videos that used to take specialized skills to produce can now be created easily by anyone, and the cost starts at just $199 per month for four videos. Whether you are a small business, marketing agency, a franchise, or a large business, there are many affordable packages and pricing options to accommodate your business needs.

About Pronto Media Group

Pronto’s innovative automated video content platform was created to help organizations grow their social media audiences and customer base with highly-engaging video content. Pronto enables organizations to create unique, quality videos fast and cost-effectively.

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Why You Should Start Automating Your Video Content… Right Now